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Concealed-carry in Illinois

John Wayne will soon be appearing in Champaign. Well, a lot of John Wayne wannabes that is. As soon as Illinois adopts a law that allows Illinoisans to carry weapons in public, you can bet the side arms will be on parade.

It’s sad that so many people have such an inflated sense of danger that they feel the need to defend themselves with a gun. I think it’s insecurity that drives them to this state of paranoia.

Real men don’t need guns. Weak men do. That’s a fact.

House Bill 1155 is being considered right now in Springfield. According to The News-Gazette, “All area representatives voted for the bill except Rep. Naomi Jakobsson, D-Urbana.”

I created a fundraiser page for Rep. Jakobsson.

We can’t vote until 2014, but we can show support for people who vote against more guns in our community. Money is the only thing most politicians pay attention to (another sad commentary…), so giving money right now to Jakobsson is the best way to show solidarity against those who vote for guns.

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