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Common Ground blogged how to make vegan Ghormeh Sabzi

Looking for a new recipe to make at home? Common Ground Food Coop featured C-U resident Darya Shahgheibi’s family recipe for this Iranian dish on the CGFC blog. In this family recipe, Shahgheibi shares the ingredients you need, recipe, and photos of the process for one of their favorite dishes.

On a table with a circular, fringed placemat, there is a white plate with an Iranian dish called Ghorem Sabzi with Persian rice. Photo by Darya Shahgheibi.Photo by Darya Shahgheibi.

They also give so many great tips throughout the recipe like “You can save the ends of your chives and scallions in a jar with an inch of water! They’ll regrow!” and “You’re going to make a mess — it’s ok!” Check out the recipe and all of Shahgheibi’s cooking tips here.

Also, in this fifteen minute video posted in the same blog post, you can learn more about the four-hour stew recipe that their Dad made while they was growing up plus a fun story about how Shahgheibi first found the Coop when they were new to town. Shahgheibi also gives some information about the UP Center of Champaign County, upcoming pride hikes, support groups, and more.

Video from Common Ground Food Coop’s blog.

“It takes four hours to make and four minutes to eat,” Shahgheibi said in the video.

If you make the dish, be sure to tag Common Ground on Instagram.

Top image by Darya Shahgheibi.

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