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The City of Champaign’s Parking Enforcement vehicle is crazy efficient

If you’re like me, then you’re far too familiar with the sight of the City of Champaign’s Parking Enforcement vehicle. Whenever I see it rounding the block where I am parked, fear is struck deep into my bones.

The good news, however, is that after further inspection, the Parking Enforcement department has been using an electric car over the past couple of years, increasing the sustainability of their operation. In fact, the cost to operate their electric Nissan Leaf was only $71 for an entire year of almost daily use in 2015.

I, for one, am happy to live in a city that is as committed to reducing emissions and fuel intake as Champaign is, even if it has to do with giving me a parking ticket or two. For more information, check out what the City had to say on the subject:

The City of Champaign purchased a Nissan Leaf in mid-2014 to replace a small hybrid SUV used by one of the Parking Enforcement Officers. The Leaf is driven daily (except vacations, sick days, snow and ice duties, etc.). The other five parking enforcement vehicles are Ford Rangers. The hybrid SUV (still in use as part of the City’s pool cars) when it was part of parking used about $1,800 per year in fuel costs. The Ford Rangers use approximately $2,000 per year in fuel. The cost to charge the leaf in 2015 was $71. We are currently at $52 for 2016.

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