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Chef Boyd raises funds for The Butcher start-up

It was with a heavy heart that we wished Chef Joshua Boyd well when he talked about leaving C-U this summer. But the former chef of Carmon’s Bistro and current mastermind behind the Black Dog Smoke & Ale House Late-Night Menu has decided to stay here and pursue his passion: Butchering. He hopes to raise funds to launch this venture through indiegogo in the next 60 days.

After many years of traveling & cooking in different cities, Josh has concluded that this is the best city in America with a great art & cultural scene that is normally impossible to find in a smaller community.  He wants The Butcher to be his gift to Champaign-Urbana, providing a wide array of sausages, house cured bacon, smoked hams, and much much more.

To contribute to the fundraising, and get some swank gifts in return, visit the indiegogo page, Butcher: Sausages & Charcuterie

(Photo: indiegogo)

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