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Check out this mini-doc on Exile on Main Street

Just in time for Record Store Day, John Isberg has published his mini-doc on Exile on Main Street and ower Jeff Brandt. 

Check out the full video and the description below. This is rad.

Mini-doc on Exile on Main Street Records owner Jeff Brandt.

Exile on Main Street is an independent record store located in Champaign, IL. This mini-doc focuses on Exile’s place in the local music scene, Champaign’s rich legacy of local music (The Poster Children, Braid, Hum, Menthol, Sarge and countless others) and its impact on local musicians.

Champaign has had a long history of great bands coming out of town (The Vertebrats, The Beauty Shop, The Blackouts, The Tractor Kings and again… tons more). This is one of the record stores in town among others (Error Records) that nurtures the local music scene.

Past stores in town included Periscope Records, Record Service on Green Street in campustown.

Some record stores have carried on as a music label (Parasol Records – home of great local bands and purveyor of great Swedish pop – still have one of my favorite songs on their label: White Town’s “Your woman”).

Swede Films’ “Profile Series” looks at local businesses, people and artists who are doing something unique, something independent.

Check out Jeff and the rest of the Exile on Main Street staff on FB at

directed/edited by John Isberg

camera: Chad Olson, Tedd Carroll, John Isberg

audio: Tedd Carroll

Cameras: Canon C100, Canon T3I, Nikon D810
Sound: Sony Lavalier, Rode Videomic Pro

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