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Check out C-U ex-pat Alleya Weibel’s new music video

Though violinist Alleya Weibel isn’t based here anymore, she hasn’t stopped playing and performing music as we knew her to do when she was based in C-U. She’s taken her talents across the pond to London to continue that work. Late last week, she released a music video which showcases a few pieces that she’s covered as a medley, which you can check out now for yourself.

Weibel graduated from the U of I a few years ago and played in numerous local bands for a long time in C-U. Since leaving the area, she’s spent a couple of years continuing her music career through touring internationally, though the pandemic has lead her to mostly focus on recording work.

All of the credits are listed in the description of the video on YouTube. Check it out:


Top image by Brandina Chisambo.

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