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Check out a new Cloakroom track featuring HUM’s Matt Talbott

Per Stereogum‘s premiere this morning — HUM’s Matt Talbott appears on a new track by Cloakroom (above), a band who recently recorded their new record at Talbott’s Earth Analog studio. Check out the track over at Stereogum (linked above), and the Facebook post below.


Here’s the info posted on Stereogum‘s site:
Northwest shoegazers Cloakroom have been recording a double-LP for 2015 release, but first they’ll share a 7″ they recorded with Hum’s Matt Talbott at his Earth Analog Studios. The 100 percent analog process yielded A-side “Lossed Over” and B-side “Dream Warden.” The latter — a dark, doomy, riff-driven track we’re sharing today — features Talbott himself on vocals. The band shared some background on how the producer ended up on the song:

The clock ran out on us while recording our full length before the vocals were wrapped up for it. Matt joked about putting the vocals on it himself when we finished recording because of how much he liked the hook in the chorus. When the LP got delayed and we were looking for ways to get music out we asked Matt if he was still interested in putting the vocals down, and he said he was. We let him do whatever he felt needed to be done to the song with vocals as well as the mix.

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