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Chasin’ Treezz release new self-titled album

Appropriately called Chasin’ Treez, the hip hop collaboration between Chase Baby and Big Treezz has released its self-titled record. The album dropped late last week on new music release Fridays.

Because we’re in the year 2021, and there are too many streaming options to choose from, these guys have done us all a favor and provided this link so you can have it your way.

Check out the album art (front and back) below, and enjoy some new tunes for your week.

Album art for Chasin' Trees, featuring a black background, and in the foreground, two faces popping out from the heads of two bodies. The eyes on each are missing.
Image by Boots Howard.
Album art featuring a black background, and text center aligned in white listing the songs.
Image by Boots Howard.

Top image by Boots Howard.

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