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Champaign Is Also A Band podcast launches Little SIPS series

Just last week, Sven Johnson’s podcast, Champaign Is Also A Band, launched an additional component of the operation called Little SIPS (Shelter In Place Series). Generally, the podcast is focused on highlighting local musicians and talking about what they are up to and what they are working on at any given time. Little SIPS is a bit different, and here’s what Johnson said about it on his website ahead of the launch:

Little SIPS (Shelter In Place Series) is a series about coping and creating. In this daily podcast sven calls a past guest on the Champaign Is Also a Band to see how they are doing during the shelter in place order.  See if they have created anything new and if so, maybe share it at the end of the episode.

Remember to check in on each other, some of us are not OK. Thank you for your continued support everyone!

He’s done episodes with members of Chickadee Sermon, Warm Darn, Primitive Lights, and several others so far, and seems to be churning them out at an impressive rate so far. You can get a new one pretty much every day.

Top image by Madelyn Lucille Witruk.

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