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Champaign County Humane Society has “working cats” up for adoption

Did you know that the Champaign County Humane Society has a working cat adoption program? From their website:

Occasionally, we have cats at CCHS that are semi-feral or have lived their lives primarily outdoors. These cats are unable to adjust to life at the shelter, are not too keen on human contact, and are not likely to make good house pets. However, they are well-suited for living someplace where they can go in and out of a barn or out-building.  Or, they might do well in a climate-controlled warehouse or workshop, where they’ll have room to roam.

Right now they have four cats available in for this type of adoption, and there is no adoption fee for them. You are expected to provide all of the care the cat needs: food, shelter, water, trips to the vet, etc.

Each cat has a “resume”, which you can peruse here. Contact April at or 217-344-7297 if you’re interested. 

Image from Champaign County Humane Society Facebook page

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