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Champaign-Urbana communities get permanent medicine disposal locations

Area residents will now have three locations where they can safely drop off unwanted medicines for proper disposal. Beginning May 24, three police departments will have permanent collection boxes.

From the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant news release: 

Area residents will have 24/7 access to safely dispose of unwanted or expired medications starting May 24. The C-U Area Medicine Take-back Program will collect and properly dispose of pharmaceuticals to help reduce accidental poisonings of children and pets, prevent drug diversion and abuse, and limit environmental impacts. 

Three locked collection boxes will be available in the lobbies of local police departments at:

  • Urbana Police Department, 400 South Vine St., Urbana
  • Champaign Police Department, 82 E. University Ave., Champaign
  • University of Illinois Police Department, 1110 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana

Residents can find out more about the programs by contacting the above departments or by visiting their website.

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