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Central student scores a perfect on both ACT and SAT

Likith Govindaiah of Central High School recorded a perfect score on both the ACT and the SAT this year (I didn’t even show up to the right campus branch for my SAT).

According to the News-Gazette, the scores put Govindaiah in the company of “about 0.1 percent of students who take the ACT each year” and “about 0.022 percent” of SAT test takers. But it seems like this isn’t anything new for the high school senior, who got a perfect score of 5 on the AP Statistics test without having stepped into a statistics classroom (In comparison, I once went on a field trip with my high school’s statistics class without having been in the class).

If you’re interested in what other crazy feats Govindaiah has accomplished, you’ll want to see the full article because I only made it about halfway. I have to go watch some Honey Boo Boo, download the latest Us Weekly, and check my Facebook feed.

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