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Cast list for CUTC’s Joseph announced

I’m about to put out our pre-summer theatre article, showcasing all the performances that will be available for those of us who don’t get out of town during the “off-season”. Not only did my research turn up the cast list for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but it revealed some excellent news: Tafadzwa Diener will be playing the Narrator. 

If you haven’t seen Joseph, The Narrator is the female role that stretches from the beginning to end of the show, is almost always on stage, and requires an amazing set of pipes. Diener got to display those chops during last year’s performance of Dreamgirls at Krannert, so I am supremely excited to see her being awarded more large roles that highlight her talents. As I saw on a facebook post made by another cast member: “This is pre-Tony Tafadzwa”. 

I certainly hope so, and hope everyone gets a chance to see her before she blows this town and makes it big. 

The entire cast for this show will highlight some local greats and favorites; congratulations to everyone who will be appearing: 

Trey Ball: Joseph
Tafadzwa Diener: Narrator
Gil Yohnka: Jacob
Joel Shoemaker: Potiphar
Colleen  Burton: Mrs. Potiphar
Josh  Meesey: Pharaoh

Chris Kreps: Reuben/One More Angel solo
Ethan Smith: Simeon/Canaan Days Solo
Matt Doyle: Levi
Tyler Cook: Naphtali
Quinton Ohlsson: Issachar
Nick Hittle: Asher
Arch Robison: Dan
Gideon Kerber: Zebulun
Ben Gilly: Gad
Josiah Zielke: Benjamin
Joe Omo-Osagie: Judah/Calypso Solo

Aiden Tibben; Ray Essick; Alec Campbell; Curtis Reynolds; Grace Kreps; Timothy Purnell; Marc Wilson. 

Lauren Barnes; Abby Cohen; Tori Corkery; Ashley Massey; Michelle McDonaugh; 
Chloe Ward; Susan Zielke (featured dancer); Ruth Zielke (featured dancer); Lindsay Vallance (featured dancer); Anna Summers (featured dancer); Tina Radi (featured dancer); Erin Kauffman (featured dancer); Jenny Gleason (featured dancer). 

HeatherAnn Layman: Ft Dancer/ “One More Angel” Female solo/Ensemble

Children’s Chorus: 
Lizzy  Barnes; Charlotte Breitwieser; Jonathan Dare; Rowan Fisher; Tobias Kreps; Joshua Kreps; Jakob Lu; Isaiah Robertson; Benjamin Summers; Gideon Wright; 
Brailey Yohnka.

Photos by Sam Logan & Scott Wells 

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