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Carly Beth releases debut demo

Carly Beth, a poppy, punky, girl-power-inspired group comprised of Kamila Glowacki, Isabel Skidmore, and Christine Pallon, has released their debut demo.

The three artists have been longtime collaborators on several different local projects (think Nectar and Spandrels), but Carly Beth is a relatively new project, forming just last summer. The demo was released May 31st on Rat King Records, recorded and mixed by Sean Neumann (Jupiter Styles) and mastered by Brandon Carnes (Looming). As their press release says:

“Once a summer side project with an uncertain future, Carly Beth now exists through these songs as a fully-formed, exuberant testament to the years of friendship and collaboration that inspired it in the first place.”

Carly Beth has also announced spring tour dates:


And before you catch them in person, take a listen Sacramento, the first song on the new demo:

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