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Calling out dudes taking pictures with dead animals? Yeah, we do that…

Interesting news item out of the celebrasphere. Donald Trump’s sons are causing their dad some issues with sponsors because of their big-game hunting activities. Pictures of Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump with some very large, and very dead, game are making the rounds of the internet. This caused Camping World, who is a sponsor of dad’s Celebrity Apprentice show, to pull their sponsorship in protest. For more details and Camping World’s CEO Marcus Lemonis’ explanation, following the link above.

What we at Smile Politely would like to point out is, hey, been there, SPlog’d about it! We called out a dude with dead animal pictures in 2011. The post, Jimmy John is a big man. With Photos to prove it, generated a ton o’ comments. Did he lose anything because of it? Did those pictures actually change anyone’s mind about how they felt about the man, about the company? Will the loss of Camping World make an impact on Trump’s show, or is it more about making a statement?

You decide.

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