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Calling all local artists: It’s time for the 10th Annual $50 Art Show

This annual event, hosted by Art Coop, is an opportunity for local artists to sell their work for good cause. The store is asking for donations of one or two pieces, all of which will be sold for $50 each, and 100 percent of all proceeds will go to the Champaign County Humane Society

They are asking that all works be small, original, two-dimensional, and ready to hang. 

They’ve also added this note to artists, which is important to read:

“We realize that your work is worth more than $50, and appreciate your willingness to donate it. In return, we’ll treat you to a fabulous opening night party and give you a coupon for 25% off any one time purchase in our store (including sale and specially priced items). Your work will be seen by hundreds of other artists and locals, and countless homeless cats and dogs will be indebted to you forever.”

This is also a great opportunity for more community members, who may not have a ton of cash to develop an art collection with, to own something created locally. And, since the show runs from November 22nd to December 20th, you could probably find some amazing gifts in the mix. 

Work should be submitted to Art Coop anytime before Wednesday, November 20th at 7 p.m.

Photo from Art Coop, Inc. Facebook page

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