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C-U’s Tommy Craggs is getting roasted on Deadspin today

If you weren’t aware — Tommy Craggs is from C-U. That’s him, right there. He grew up here, his parents still live here, and all that good stuff. He’s one of our pals doing awesome things, so this feels fitting to post about him — because he’s getting his ass roasted on Deadspin today.

He has been Editor-In-Chief of Deadspin for a bit now, and was recently promoted to Executive Editor for all of Gawker Media. Damn, dude, well done. One of C-U’s own now is incredibly high up in one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, media company in the world. Whoosh.

If you haven’t already done so today, please read some hilariously entertaining pieces about Craggs — including an interview with his mother by another familiar to C-U, Will Leitch.

“Tommy Craggs Is The Michael Jordan of Disagreeable Sonsofbitches”. “Tommy Craggs Is A Socially Awkward Motherfucker”“Tommy Craggs Is A Prick Who Just Falls Upward.” Brilliant. There are plenty on the site today to check out. Do yourself a favor and read up.

Congrats, Tommy. Well done.

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