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C-U Public Health needs more contact tracers

In case you weren’t aware, the entire country, including our region of Illinois and even our county are a hot mess of COVID cases right now. As a county we’ve been generally successful with containment efforts compared to other parts of the state and the country, but now even our positivity rate is rising to unacceptable levels. 

The superstars at Champaign-Urbana Public Health are working their asses off to keep up with contact tracing — a vital part of slowing the spread — but with the exponential increase in cases they need more hands on deck. 

The position pays $15 per hour, and you can apply here.

And in case you want an indicator of why we are in the position we’re in, a contact tracer is quoted in The News-Gazette saying that only 6 in 10 people respond cooperatively when asked to quarantine. Be better Champaign County.

Photo from CUPHD Facebook page.

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