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C-U now has a wild food club

Do you wonder what is and isn’t safe to eat in the wild? If so, you might be the right person to join the C-U Wild Food Club. The inaugural meeting is Sunday, March 31st from 2 to 3:30 p.m. at Common Ground Food Co-op. 

Ever stared at an unidentified plant and wondered, “can I eat that?” Often dismissed as childhood folly, such notions are actually a deeply human impulse. Curious? Join us for the kickoff meeting of CU Wild Food Club, a new community group dedicated to study and promotion of local wild food resources. All ages and ability levels are welcome. Foragers Unite!

First Meeting: Sunday, March 31st 2pm in Common Ground Food Co-op Flatlander Classroom, led by JP Goguen, Co-op Owner & Wild Food Enthusiast

Discussion Topics will include: local food systems, ethnobotany, invasive ecology, nutrition science, traditional skills, sustainable landscapes, community building, agronomy, resiliancy, culinary arts

Additional information can be found on Facebook

Photo from Facebook event page 

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