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Bull & Dog makes Farren’s pop

I love looking at food. I mean, I love eating food, too. But there’s something about looking at a full spread of steaks or fries or salads or really anything that appears to be cooked perfectly. It makes me hungry.

Just the other day I had demolished a gigantic slice of New York-style pizza only to walk a few blocks and see a gigantic sign for avocado fries which I promptly ordered and inhaled. I did that because it looked good. I saw a picture of avocado fries and determined that I needed to smash the fried slices of avocado and cheese and sour cream into my face.

It’s funny how that works with food, honestly. It’s tough to get really psyched about pictures of ingredients of food but when those things are well-constructed and put on a plate, you can make a full man hungry again.

That’s honestly one of the reasons the new Farren’s website is great. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to do that ASAP. Farren’s has been home to some of the best burgers in Champaign since 2000 but now there’s a place where you can look at them on the internet.

The design is pretty crisp with a scrolling menu that allows you to stop and check out the beer menu or cycle through the actual menu of the food. And if you’re like me, you’ll stop and look at all of the pictures of the food.

Credit goes out to local crew Bull & Dog for putting this site together. If you’re not aware of what Bull & Dog does, I’ll let them explain it:

“Bull & Dog Collective is a network of audio engineers, musicians, photographers, videographers and designers that specialize in making musicians and bands not only sound good, but look good too.”

They occupy the old Pogo Studio building on the corner of Taylor and Walnut and, as a relatively new group in town, it’s pretty cool to see them put together a visually exciting new website for a Champaign classic.

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