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Braid’s Bob Nanna releasing debut solo record, Celebration States, in July

Bob Nanna is best known for his work in Braid and Hey Mercedes, and as Pitchfork explains in more detail, Nanna’s first ever solo album under his own name will be released on July 10th. The record is called Celebration States, and although Nanna lives in Chicago now, there’s no denying his ties to Champaign-Urbana make this worthy of some pub.

Nanna has released music in a variety of fashions throughout the years in addition to what I’ve mentioned above, more specifically The City of Film, Lifted Bells, and Jack & Ace.

Braid last performed in Champaign-Urbana in 2014 in Downtown Champaign at the one-time-only Mariposa Festival alongside PHOX, Common Loon, and a few others. I’d have to do some more digging to see when one of Nanna’s other projects have performed here last, though he’s performed at PYGMALION in various capacities outside of Braid’s 2011 performance for the Polyvinyl 15 year anniversary celebration.

Stream a couple of new tracks from Celebration States below:

Top photo by Katie Hovland.

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