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Both Pekara on Springfield and CI Bakehouse have the same new owner

Pekara’s Bistro and Bakehouse used to be one company, but in 2017, the owner retired and sold Pekara Bistro to one person and Pekara Bakehouse to another. During that time, Pekara Bakehouse changed names to Central Illinois Bakehouse. When the owner of CI Bakehouse sold the bakehouse last year, new owners Lauren and Jeffrey Brokish bought it. Just a few weeks ago, the owner of Pekara retired, and the married couple bought the Bistro on Springfield as well. It is awesome to see the Pekara’s Bistro and Bakehouse re-united as one again. 

The Bakehouse will continue as Central Illinois Bakehouse, and Pekara Bistro on Springfield recently had a dining room update. Plus, they brought back crepes as well as other original Pekara favorites. Check out Matt’s recent review of savory and sweet menu items.

You can learn more about the breadmaking process at the Bakehouse here. Find the Bakehouse’s bread for sale at the indoor market in the Lincoln Square Mall on Saturdays, at Common Ground, and Pekara Bakery on Springfield.

Pekara Bakery & Bistro
811 W Springfield Ave
W-Su 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Top image by Matthew Macomber.

Food + Drink Editor

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