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Boozey, coffee, and flavor country: Tomorrow night at Crane Alley

Randall: A cool contraption used to add extra aromatic flavors to draft beer. 

Grappa: A fragrant brandy made with grapes. 

Papua New Guinnea coffee: Delicious. 

Crane Alley Machine Espresso Porter: Also delicious. 

Crane Alley and Flying Machine Coffee would like to invite you to a Randall this Thursday at 6 p.m. at Crane Alley. We have some Papua New Guinea coffee (the same we put in the beer) that has been barrell-aged in a grappa barel by Colombia Street Roastery. We are running the last of the Crane Machine Porter through the Randall with the barrel-aged coffee. It’s going to be delicious.

More coffee flavor? Check.

More boozey flavor? Check. 

Booze? Check. 

See you tomorrow night!

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