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Boneyard Festival is in pre-season

Although nearly two months away, Boneyard Arts Festival is embracing the spirit of Spring Training by making a series of prepartory announcements. 

The first is the unveiling of the signature image, which will adorn all publicity materials for the 2017 festivals. Judith Adanma Johnson’s Berühre mein Herz, or Touch My Heart, is the vibrant and joyful work that we’ll be seeing on billboards, posters, handouts and the website. 

With a BFA in two different disciplines, the Mahomet-based artist has shown locally and regionally. About her work, she says: 

“It is the product of self-acceptance, and allowing myself to take joy in the moments I may usually ignore.  2016 was a year of bad news, hard work, illness, and strife.  Taking time to slow down, look around, and listen, has been essential to my happiness and positivity, and I think that’s reflected in this piece.”

Since the event is taking place April 6th-9th, registration is approaching quickly. The deadline to register is March 13th, and the form is available online. For the $50 fee, artists will have their venues listed in the program guide and detailed descriptions listed on the festival website. The program guide is mailed to every address in the 40N database and will be available freely at venues and kiosks throughout the festival. 

To help artists and venues connect, 40 North has started a Boneyard Festival facebook group, and encourages both artists and venues to post about what they are seeking. 

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