Smile Politely

Blueberry Blonde is back at Triptych

If you were to Google “masculinity beer,” you’d find dozens, maybe even hundreds, of articles and journals written about masculinity in beer commercials and in drinking culture. Analyzing masculinity in this context is a fascinating discussion and it’s not really this writer’s place to try and make any claims that would impact academics’ and columnists’ opinions.

But, nonetheless, we’re bombarded with beer commercials and ads talking to us about what REAL MEN drink. Cider has become popular again and for awhile it seemed like most ciders were promoted towards the female demographic. Recently, though, Smith & Forge released their version of hard cider and decidedly tried to make it for REAL MAN who are lumberjacks and blacksmiths and whatnot. BEARD GUYS and TOUGH GUYS drink cider too! 

It’s sort of nonsense. At the base level, those of us that can drink want to drink what we like. We drink what tastes good, regardless of whether or not it’s extremely hoppy or has a hint of watermelon. Flavors are flavors.

Locally, there’s a brew that absolutely fits that mold and it’s Triptych Brewing’s Blueberry Blonde. Blueberry Blonde does not have the most masculine of connotations, obviously. But the proof that this seasonal blonde ale comes back year after year and is consumed by the MANLIEST OF MEN, is enough to dispel the silly ads telling us what is and what isn’t for REAL MEN.

The bottom line, really, is that one of the best beers in town is back on tap and it doesn’t matter what it’s called or what’s in it. It’s delicious. Isn’t delicious beer what everyone wants?

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