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BFA Exhibition will close this weekend at KAM

This is your final weekend to see the varied and excellent work on display at Krannert Art Museum’s BFA Exhibition!

Per the KAM website:

The annual exhibition of works by graduates from the School of Art + Design’s Bachelor of Fine Arts programs represents the full range of contemporary art and design practices. Exhibiting artists have worked rigorously to develop individual visions and to solve complex problems with cross-disciplinary teams. As you will see in the works on display, they have learned trusted methods and forms, but have also challenged conventions. Emerging technologies and ideas can be seen across painting and typography, product design and sculpture. This exhibition is but a sample of their efforts and achievements to represent, reflect and reimagine the world around us.

Exhibiting artists include:

Amanda Adreani | Art History
Victoria Baier | Photography
Carolina Bolano | Art Education, Graphic Design
Taylor Carlson | Graphic Design
Chelsea Choi | Graphic Design
Siobhan Cooney | Graphic Design
Chris Daleen | Graphic Design
Peter Davis | Industrial Design
Amanda Davis | Industrial Design
Jordan Donnellan | Graphic Design
Roshni Doshi | Industrial Design
Scott Durand | Graphic Design
Jayme Eng | Photography
Jonathan Fast | Painting
Marissa Fencl | Painting
Emily Fiedler | Art Education
Darren Fill | Industrial Design
Brigitta Fitzgerald | Graphic Design
Dane Georges | Graphic Design
YooJin Hong | Graphic Design
Hannah Hwang | Industrial Design
Kelley Jacobsen | Graphic Design
Kevin Jankovec | Industrial Design
Tithi Jasani | Industrial Design
Jill Karcher | Graphic Design
Eunie Kim | Industrial Design
Kiki Kolakowski | Graphic Design
Chaelin Kwon | Industrial Design
Jocelyn Lam | Industrial Design
Lindsey Law | Photography
Sue Lee | Painting
Melanie Leikam | Painting
Yangjun Li | Industrial Design
Annie Lin | New Media, Painting
Kelly Lin | Industrial Design
Geng Liu | New Media
Bryan Lorenz | Graphic Design
Yanlong Luo | Industrial Design
Alex Lutz | Painting
Naomi Morimoto | Art Education, Sculpture
Benjamin Moy | Industrial Design
Ana Sofia Navarro | Metals
Folake Osibodu | Photography
Sehoon Park | Industrial Design
Alyssa Peterson | Graphic Design
Charlotte Petertil | Graphic Design
Veronica Pham | Painting
Kelly Pisanko | Graphic Design
Mason Pott | Painting
Malik Purvis | New Media, Painting
Aaron Sachs | Industrial Design
Stacie Sansone | Graphic Design
Mathew Schrock | Sculpture
Steve Da-Hong Sheng | Industrial Design
Courtney Smith | Graphic Design
Adam Smith | Art Education
Megan Swiertz | Art Education, Photography
Amy Tang | Industrial Design
Sadie Teper | Industrial Design
Ervin Tsay | Industrial Design
Julie Tseng | Metals
Weijia Wang | Industrial Design, Metals
Jindong Wang | Industrial Design
Makeyia Williams | Sculpture, Photography
Madeline Wolfe | Sculpture
Kathryn Wolske | Industrial Design
Jessica Yu | Metals
Philip Zike | New Media

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