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BEST Place to Eat Until You Want to Die of the decade: Golden Harbor

From our BEST Food + Drink of the decade feature:

Golden Harbor makes several appearances in our BEST of the decade round ups (spoilers, sorry!). It’s for good reason. The Chinese food restaurant serves very delicious food, but it also provides a very specific and unique dining experience. Because everything is served family style, it’s easy to over order and have too much food. Dishes arrive to the table as they are ready, which makes the entire experience like something from Harry Potter, where food is magicked to the table. Then the table becomes increasingly crowded with platters of food (mostly on a lazy Susan, but there is always overflow) and the only way to make more space is to keep eating. My S.O.P. at Golden Harbor is to have each diner pick one dish they want and then we all share it. This is a noble endeavor, because inevitably someone will say, “Oh wait! We need dumplings, too!” or “Should we also get taro buns?” The answer to these questions is always “Yes, duh.” These are never included in the one dish per person rule, and so alas, there is too much food. The variety is what really does you in, though. Since there are a whole bunch of different foods on the table, your need to try everything is strong. But the need quickly spirals, and you no longer need to try everything, you need to eat everything. If you’re doing it right, there’s discomfort to be had after dinner at Golden Harbor, but like all masochists, you enjoy it. (Jess Hammie)

Photo by Jessica Hammie

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