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BEST new restaurants of the decade: #5, MIGA

From our BEST new restaurants of the decade feature:

When MIGA opened, it became a welcomed addition to Downtown Champaign, which featured a lot of bars and casual sit-down restaurants already. Even in the dense center of Champaign’s restaurant scene, aside from bacaro, there really weren’t any other truly upscale dining experiences in Downtown Champaign. There was a void to be filled, and in walked MIGA with an approachable-yet-upscale vibe.

The menu is a progressive Asian cuisine that encourages you to go for it with a rib-eye or scallop dish while providing newer options like sushi platters. Honestly, it is just a fun place to go to eat and drink, almost immediately becoming a favorite once it landed in M2. That’s the thing about going out to eat at restaurants like this one: The experience is always better when you look around and just go “whoa” — but can be totally dismantled if the food isn’t delish. Thankfully, MIGA has proven sustainable and yes, delicious, and one of the best restaurants in Champaign-Urbana. (Patrick Singer)

Photo by Anna Longworth

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