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BEST New Coffee Shop of the decade: Avionics/Page Roasting Company

From our BEST Food + Drink of the decade feature:

Look, when you roast the beans in house, and your sole intention each day is to pour coffee with expertise and love, you are probably going to be acknowledged in this way. A truly amazing  partnership between Erin Erdman of Page Roasting and Josh Lucas of Flying Machine Avionics, the still relatively new spot on First and Chester in Midtown Champaign is sort of the epitome of what still makes this place the sort of city you wanna live in.

Ask Erin about what she’s roasting, she’s there almost all the time, obsessively dressed in all black, and friendly without being cloying. Josh isn’t quite as talkative, but will gladly field your questions about the nature of God if you really want to know.

The music playing is always rad. The bottles of water are sealed tight, and so appealing, the aroma of the place is intoxicating, because they are literally roasting the coffee you are drinking. (Seth Fein)

Photo by Jessica Hammie

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