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BEST Music: Artist of the decade: CJ Run

From our BEST Music of the decade feature:

If there’s one idea that sums up the last decade, it is the idea of progress. No artist that’s ever spent time in C-U as one of us embodies that quite so much as CJ Run. In an interview with us, they described their latest EP as the tumultuous experience of living through our early 20’s, but “told through the lens of a black, queer, gender-nonconforming person, so the syntax is different. This is an age where everything we feel is at an extreme, as if the world is always ending. There’s also glimmers of hope and light at the end of the tunnel.” 
With a constantly diversifying sound, and an ever-growing repertoire of songs that speak to common experiences as felt by an extraordinary individual, Run is perfectly poised for another outstanding decade. They don’t look to be stopping anytime soon. (Nicole Lanphier)


Photo by Isaiah Odunsi

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