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BEST election management: Champaign County Clerk’s office

From our BEST 2020 feature:

BEST election management: Champaign County Clerk’s office (PS)

Simply put: Aaron Ammons does not get the credit he deserves for his track record of work he has done in the community. Carol Ammons is a rockstar in and of herself, but Aaron Ammons’ pursuit of the Champaign County Clerk’s position was challenging enough, but knowing him even a little bit, that’s the work he’s signed up to do, and do well.

Fast forward to 2020, where Ammons and his team were faced with the most challenging of elections to manage, and they knocked it out of the park. Sure, there are small snafus that come along, and in a year where everything has been under the microscope — whether it was warranted or simply tactics being pursued based on Trump’s false claims of widespread election fraud — Champaign County Clerk’s office did their job and did it well. Progressive politics are the key here, especially useful when historically voter suppression is such a problem in our country, as the office went above and beyond. Whether it was adding more ballot boxes or being helpful and transparent about mail-ins, or something in between, they deserve the most cred. (Patrick Singer)

Top image from Champaign County Clerk’s Facebook page.

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