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BEST Brewery of the decade: Triptych Brewing

From our BEST Food + Drink of the decade feature:

This decade has seen the rise of craft breweries nationwide, as well as right here in C-U, and while there are quality brews to be had at all of them, we feel like Triptych is deserving of the BEST brewery honor here. On their “About” page, you can find the following statement: “And while we don’t believe that EVERY Triptych beer will be for everyone, we hope that there is A Triptych beer for everyone.” This is absolutely true. Triptych churns out seemingly endless varieties of beer, some stalwart and straightforward such as Dank Meme, Pretty Nice Little Saturday, or No Big Deal. They are also consistently experimenting with flavor combinations and collaborating with other breweries to offer unique options: Right now they have a candy cane milkshake IPA on tap, as well as pickle-inspired sour collaboration with The Blind Pig.

Over the past couple of years they’ve added #TheMemery, which now houses the brewing process, across the street from the taproom, making room for a complete reno of the original space. They’ve doubled the seating both inside and on the patio, and added a dart board and a shuffleboard table (which is awesome and something you can’t really find many places). They’ve always allowed you to bring food in, but their Savoy location isn’t teeming with nearby options. Thankfully, they now have several food trucks that rotate their presence at the brewery.

The space is generally kid-friendly (yes, we are those parents that bring our kids to a brewery), the patio is dog-friendly, and it has become a regular “we don’t have a ton of time for a date, but let’s sneak away and play Yahtzee and grab a flight” destination, as well as a place where my home brewer spouse can talk shop. Cheers to the next ten years. (JM)

Photo by Anna Longworth

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