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BEST art business pivot: Art Coop

From our BEST 2020 feature:

BEST art business pivot: Art Coop

One of the remaining independent art supply stores, Art Coop has been evolving and surviving since 1971. And that legacy seems safe in the nimble hands of owners Anna Peters and Hilary Pope, COVID-19 be damned. Following the initial lockdown, Peters and Pope pivoted towards an online experience. However, they never lost sight of what made their store special. Their encyclopedic knowledge of all things art was a natural fit for the new concierge-style service that is available online, by email or by phone, and now by in-person appointment. In addition to offering contactless delivery, they partnered with other local small businesses to provide additional pick-up locations. Much of Art Coop’s magic lies in Peters and Pope’s eye for niche gifts, greener products, and inventive tools and toys, all of which translated well into a wide range of pre-made kits. And they did all of this while supporting the community LGBTQIA+ and helping other small businesses transition into a COVID-friendly business model. (Debra Domal)

Top image from Art Coop’s Facebook page.

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