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Beck’s “Record Club” recruits St. Vincent for INXS cover

St. Vincent is coming to The Highdive on March 30th, but recently she’s been spending a bit of time with Beck and friends. In case you haven’t investigated Beck’s “Record Club“, in which Beck gathers various musical peers (Feist, Wilco, Jamie Lidell, Devendra Banhart) to cover an entire record of their choosing (Leonard Cohen, Velvet Underground, Skip Spence) in a spontaneous single-day affair, you most definitely should. It’s pretty much the coolest idea making the rounds amongst musicians these days.

This time around Beck has gathered possibly his strangest grouping of buds in St. Vincent’s Annie Clark, the Liars, and Os Mutantes, to cover … INXS’ “Kick.” While I’m sure this group has nothing on Shipwreck (who covered INXS at the Cover Up a few years ago), I’m anxious to see the results. So far, we have just a teaser video for their take on “Guns in the Sky.” That’s Ms. St. Vincent on rhythm geetar and the Liars’ Angus Andrew on vocals.

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