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BASETRACK Live at Krannert Center on March 18th

On Wednesday, March 18th, for one performance only, BASETRACK Live will be presented in Krannert Center’s Colwell Playhouse.

BASETRACK Live was created by Edward Bilous. The production, directed by Seth Bockley, was adapted by Jason Grote (in collaboration with Bockley and Anne Hamburger) and co-composed by Edward Bilous, Michelle DiBucci, and Greg Kalember.

Here’s the description, per the KCPA website:

A multimedia experience based on the real words of modern-day Marines and their families, BASETRACK Live uses photos and video from journalists embedded with Marines in Afghanistan; a live, contemporary score; and text adapted by Jason Grote (Mad Men, Smash) to share the stories of those stationed abroad and their loved ones as they struggle to cope with separation and the uncertainties of war. BASETRACK Live began as a Facebook page that photojournalist Teru Kuwayama (once embedded with the First Battalion, Eighth Marines in Afghanistan) launched to help Marines communicate with those they left back home. Since its inception, the page has received over 5 million hits and has become a connecting lifeline. Now, through educational, moving, and inspirational performances and community engagement, BASETRACK Live raises awareness, promotes communication, and focuses national attention on the issues facing our returning veterans.

For ticket information (and you had probably better get on that), contact the Krannert Center ticket office.

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