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Bacaro hosting wine duel tonight

What’s a wine duel, you ask? Imagine a football game, but instead of watching people try to beat one another into a concussion-induced state, you will experience two wine masters facing off to try to find the best pairings for a seven-course tasting menu. Much less painful, and much more enjoyable.

The duel kicks off tonight at 6:30 PM, and tickets, as well as the menus, are available below

From Bacaro: 

Wine Duel?

The first in a series of dinners that will pit two wine experts against each other in selecting the best pairings for a tasting menu created by BACARO. Each wine expert will handpick six wines to complement a seven course tasting menu.  Join us and decide for youself who’s pallet reigns supreme.

Monday, December 5th

6:30 Arrival – 7:00 Dinner
140$ per person
includes tasting menu and pairings

Limited seating available.

To make a reservation, please call Bacaro at 217-398-6982
or email Chef Drew Starky at

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