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B1G Ten Conference realignment & scheduling changes

I missed this a few days ago, and I would imagine other people might have missed it as well. Especially in the midst of all that renaming-the-Assembly-Hall-State-Farm-Center business. With East Coast schools Maryland and Rutgers joining the B1G Ten conference, it brings realignment of the conference divisions and updates to the conference schedulilng. Here’s the information courtesy of the Illinois Loyalty forum:

The B1G has officially approved the new divisions for 2014, 9-game schedule for 2016.

Upcoming B1G football changes-

2013: Final season of Legends & Leaders.
2014: Addition of Maryland & Rutgers, realignment to East & West divisions.
2016: League schedule increases from 8 to 9 games.

The new Big Ten football divisions for 2014-

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