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As Withershins call it a day, here are my favorites from over the years

Withershins are hanging it up as a band on Friday, performing their last show at The Accord with some friends. After seeing some commentary on Facebook, I revisited some of my favorites from their albums over the years. 

It’s no secret that I enjoy the shit out of this band. I’ve written about them on several occasions over the past five years.

Aeriel was released when I was a Music Director at WPGU — a really introductory dive into local music in C-U back in 2009. I remember having both the title track and “Falling Waltz” in rotation at one point. 

Silver Cities was released in 2012, the first full year I was Music Editor here at SP. It was definitively the best album that was released that year locally. Ben did a really great piece on it once.
The band’s final full-length, MT FUJI IN BLUE, came out a few years after Silver Cities. The title track still gets me.

Thanks fellas. It has been a good run.

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