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Another “Bring Back Chief Illiniwek” petition arises

If you have even a slight connection to social media, you might have been seeing this “Bring Back Chief Illiniwek to the University of Illinois” floating around on your Facebook or Twitter feed. The petition is looking for 10,000 signatures and the following people/organizations are being “petitioned”:

  • National Congress of American Indians
  • NCAA President and CEO (Mark Emmert)
  • Minority-Enhancement Program (NCAA) (Donnetta H. Moorman)
  • Public Relations (NCAA) (Wallace I. Renfro)
  • Public Relations (NCAA) (Jane Jankowski)
  • Chief of Peoria Tribe (John P. Froman)
  • University of Illinois Chancellor and Vice President (Phyllis Wise)
  • University of Illinois Vice Chancellor (Reneé Romano)
  • University of Illinois Associate Chancellor (Michael DeLorenzo)
  • University of Illinois Assistant to the Chancellor (Phyllis Mischo)

As always, this subject stirs up fiery conversation not only around the area and the state of Illinois, but in national news in ongoing arguments for/against NCAA programs and the use of their mascots. We’ll see if “Proud Illinois Student” from Urbana makes any noise with this.

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