Smile Politely

An intro to Protagonist Pizza Productions

It’s time Champaign-Urbana. Time for another dose of pizza. Protagonist Pizza that is. Food puns aside, consider taking a break from the day to join us, Nic and Janjay, as we go through our plans for this coming year with Smile Politely. Our creative blueprint includes: interviews with local artists, behind the scenes of your favorite local entertainment, and original/encouraging content highlighting the best places, events, and food of C-U.

The goal of Protagonist Pizza is to keep things positive. Whether it is by trying to make audiences laugh or by illuminating points of view that may be hidden to most. We hope that you’ll join us this year as we create, laugh, and learn about the people that make  C-U a special place to be in. Stay tuned for future installments.

Check out the first installment of 2 Dude Reviews while you’re at it.


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