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Allegedly, Smash Mouth’s frontman “was too drunk or had a heart attack”, carried off stage at USF

Urbana Sweetcorn Festival took place this past weekend, and one of those headlining acts this year? Smash Mouth.

Apparently, as reddit users have pointed out, and credit to Consequence of Sound as well — lead singer Steve Harwell was in bad shape on stage last night.

From reddit and the CoS article:

So, we’re watching the mendoza line of bands, live at our hick ass corn festival, and Steve Harwell, that Guy Fieri looking mofo, sits his fatass down and waves over the roadies, who then proceed to carry him off stage. The remaining band members finish, first by playing “I’m a Believer” because the crowd kept screaming “Shrek” when there was a break (which made me feel incredibly old, because I realized 90% of the crowd grew up on that movie, then they played “All Star”. The crowd went wild.

No one cared that the lead singer left. Seriously.

Then the show was over and a couple ambulances showed up.

Overall, the show exceeded my expectations. Good show.

Edit: Got his last name wrong.

I can’t help but post this, if it was something caused by being in the heat for too long:

Heatstroke from walking on the sun.

Obviously, I hope the man is OK. Here’s one Instagram user’s take:


the best part was when the lead singer got walked off stage for all star bc he was too drunk

A photo posted by zoe (@zoit.jpg) on

I was there, when I was walking back after the concert to the bus stop it seemed everyone in the group were pretty aware that Steve had likely been sent to the hospital. I didn’t think it was too hot yesterday so I’m gonna say probably too drunk. I have some pics of the concert if y’all need proof.

I was actually there last night I found the ambulances behind the stage to be concerning. I’m surprised no one mentioned it. I was there with the marching band.

so I’m like fifty fifty it was heatstroke/too drunk, or he discovered he’s been a part of smashmouth for the past 20 years and had to sit down.

Top photo by Tom Jozefowicz.

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