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A Safe C-U is a new website examining community violence in C-U

A Safe C-U is a new website created as a collaboration between First Followers and U of I students in HIST 386: Public History: Policing in the United States, taught by Dr. Tariq Khan. The class is a “critical examination of the development of policing in the United States from its violent origins in slave patrols, ‘frontier’ ethnic cleansing, border control, and industrial labor control to the present. Students explored this topic through global, national, and local lenses, learning to recognize how U.S. policing, as well as ‘publics’ and ‘communities’ emerged from a combination of local, national and global histories.”

With support from the Humanities Research Lab, students had the opportunity to make connections with community organizations, and they worked with First Followers to research the root causes of community violence in C-U. The result is this website, which gives a comprehensive look at the history of policing, segregation, deindustrialization, and neoliberalism, and how that has impacted the current climate here. 

It’s worth taking a few minutes of your day to dig into. 

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