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A Christmas Carol gets a red hot rewrite

It’s been a literary and dramatic trend for over a decade now to delve into the backstory of famous villains, exploring what may have created their poor attitudes and “evil” actions. WIth the success of Wicked, the Star Wars prequels, and the TV series Hannibal, one might gaze backwards to one of the earliest examples of this genre: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Aside from Jack the Ripper —who was admittedly, real— Scrooge was the scourge of Victorian London until three ghosts came to show him the true meaning of Christmas. Even though we see a little of his history during the Ghost of Christmas Past’s visit, local impresario Rod Sickler still wondered if the meanest merchant might actually be a little sympathetic. 

So Sickler wrote the story, funded the production, and will star as the “misinterpreted heel” this weekend at the City Center event venue. Enlisting the help of Twin City Squared and Rantoul Theatre Group, the play is directed by Albertina Ellen Strauser and liberally dosed with local favorites like Ellison Radek, John Tilford, Laura Anne Welle, Aaron Bryant and Amy Mitchell. In addition, the performance will feature music by 90s Daughter and Camdon Scott, both big names in the local scene. 

Seating cabaret style allows for individual or full-table tickets, and following Sunday’s performance will be a holiday party with a toy drive, raffle, refreshments, and an appearance by Santa Claus himself. For more information or ticket purchase, please see the facebook event.

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