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92.5 FM has been “hacked” by… 92.5 FM

92.5 The Chief has been hacked on the internet by REAL LIFE HACKERS and they are making outrageous demands! According to listener Bloodbath Hitchens, the hackers have been hacking away at the internet and data of this extremely important radio station in Central Illinois since sometime over the weekend:


The REAL LIFE HACKERS have done some pretty real hacks in the last 48 hours. They’ve updated the Facebook cover photo and profile picture to a banner mentioning that 92.5 the Chief has, in fact, been hacked. They also used REAL LIFE HACKER language, leet, to announce that they are real hackers who hack.

Who are these hackers that are hacking away at this local radio station? ISIS scouting the Central IL area for potential recruits who happen to like listening to Journey multiple times an hour? Did they make fun of North Korea?


According to trusted radio blog,, 92.5 is rebranding to Rewind 92.5. They registered back in December and changed their call letters already. This is an extremely lame way to rebrand your radio station and it’s especially lame when your hackers create a website that looks like it’s from War Games. Come on, 92.5, your listeners are already revolting:


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