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30th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival: Review in pictures

Last Saturday, I attended my first Insect Fear Film Festival. I’ve lived in Champaign for over a decade and it’s been on my To-Do list for years, but I only just made it to my first IFFF last week. And, though I would have eventually made it to this festival, I admit that this year’s guest, Chris Carter, was what made me actually, finally attend.

If you’ve never attended the IFFF, I highly recommend it. It’s a hell of a lot of fun. Sure, it’s pretty packed with people all ages, and you have to wait your turn to hold the bugs. But once you’re at the table, you can take your time, hold or pet the bugs, ask questions, and have a great time. The graduate students are friendly, brilliant, and happy to answer any questions you’ll have.

From what a understand, this festival used to offer cooked insects that the braver among us could eat. But supposedly, because of health concerns, they’ve stopped this. What a shame.

So without further ado, amateur photos (humbly taken by yours truly) from the 30th anniversary of the Insect Fear Film Festival. And check out our Facebook album for more photos!

[gallery insect_fear_film_festival]

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