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You might not know it, but you’re a Nazi

Editor’s Note: College German Workers’ Party at the University of Illinois will contribute a weekly column Wednesdays until the presidential election in November.

It’s the beginning of a new fall semester. For some, it is your first at the University and, for others, your last. Quad Day has come and gone, and you are beginning your daily routine of class, studying, going to a school with blacks, homosexuals, and Jews for the first time, and social life.

But while you have been going through the paces, have you ever stopped and thought about why you are here? Why are you spending four important years studying at the University of Illinois surrounded by degenerate artists and homosexuals? Why have you imperiled the purity of your Aryan principles by reading this filthy publication of the International Jewry?

To many, the answer to these rather silly questions is that the U of I is a stepping stone to a successful career as dissipated “intellectual” swine. But what if I told you that a recent study shows that 98 percent of white male 18- to 34-year-olds feel that everything that is wrong with their life is due to the influence of outside forces, and not just outside their community, but outside their pure, non-miscegenated race?

Do you really want to be a part of that awful statistic? Or would you rather graduate from the University of Illinois, be hired for what you are worth and begin a path toward success and prosperity with your Aryan brethren? Well, if you prefer the latter, then you are a Nazi and you may not have even known it.

The economy is hurting because of the failed policies in Washington. Taxes are too high, and the current administration is hurting small businesses, which are the heart of the American economy. The “hope and change” that was promised brought much change, and now much of the country is left with very little hope, especially with so many Communists and Jews around. And to think, we have been subjected to the rule of a president of mixed race for the past several years! Inconceivable!

According to the same study, 34 percent of 25- to 29-year-olds are moving back home so they can afford living expenses and avoid working for the international Jewish banking conspiracy. Those are our prime years, when we should be creating a path toward success and building a master race with our blond-haired, blue-eyed mates, but because of the horrible economy, many of us are moving back home and relying on our parents again. None of us want that. We want to succeed. We want to capture new soil for our country (such as those currently illegally ruled by Canada — don’t even get me started on Mexico) and properly nurture the historic destiny of our race. 

There’s an alternative this year to Washington’s failure for our generation. Your fellow German Workers want us to be successful and independent. They want us to graduate from the school we attend and to take a job that helps us move forward in our life and career. The Nazi ideals of lower taxes (for white, heterosexual, non-Jewish capitalists), less burdensome government regulations (see previous), more money in our own individual pockets (by taking it from the Jew pigs), and the belief that the individual knows best how to spend his or her money will help keep us from falling into the above statistics.

There is an election coming in a few weeks. When you begin to take a look at candidates and how you will vote, think back to the question I posed to you earlier: Why are you at the U of I? When you have answered that question, take the time to get educated about the candidates and their positions on the economy (and the Jewish Question). Determine which beliefs and policies will help us be successful in our future, and whether free elections are to anyone’s benefit. Then, get involved. There are many opportunities right here on campus for you to play a key role in helping elect good leaders in Washington and Springfield who will help us all (you know who you are) succeed. Your desire for a successful future means you’re a Nazi and you didn’t even know it.

Heinrich Rippenstaller,
President of College German Workers’ Party and senior in LAS



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