Smile Politely

Smile Politely Returns … More to Come

Welcome back. And thanks for being patient while we packed up for the holidays to take a little breather and redesign our home on the web.

Scroll down. Click around. Some things are different. Others are the same, but look a little sharper.

Notice that our spiffy new website allows you to take advantage of more than a few new features. We’re now featuring articles on our home page. Each day we’ll choose one article to single out; if you only have time for a brief visit, we recommend you start with the featured article. There will be plenty of additional new writing posting throughout the day in “The Latest” section, which is just below our daily featured article on the home page.

You can now also sign up as for your own user account. You’ll find that Smile Politely becomes a more enjoyable and interactive experience after you click the “Register” button in the upper right-hand corner and create your own profile. You can then fine tune your profile by adding personal info about yourself or uploading a photo or avatar. In addition, you can also send private messages to other registered readers. The registering process is quick and painless, we promise.

Also notice in the righthand column we’ve added a nifty feature that tracks our most recent comments and our most popular articles. Also, our improved search engine should make locating Brandon T. Washington’s chili recipe a cinch.

Stay tuned, too. We’ll be rolling out more new features over the next few weeks. We’re excited about our relaunch, and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please be patient while we work out the bugs, and in the meantime, if you notice something that’s not working properly, click the “Contact” button in the upper right-hand corner and let us know.

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