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Discount, Get Your Discount Here

Most likely, if you live in Champaign-Urbana, you might somehow be affiliated with the university. You are a student, faculty or staff member — or someone in your family might work there. As an undergrad, I never fully used the plethora of resources available to me during my time here at the U of I. And yesterday, I discovered a new opportunity to save money as a grad student. After spending two hours on the phone with my cellular phone provider contesting an additional 24 dollar charge for text messaging, I found out that I get a discount on my phone plan as a UIUC student. Yes, you heard me right, a discount and it’s not too shabby.

It’s not only my provider, cellular phone service discounts are offered at multiple companies. For instance, if you’re an employee of UIUC, Sprint PCS offers up to a 21% discount on cellular service and so does AT&T Wireless with a 15% service discount. Call AT&T at (888) 444-4410, provide UIUC’s discount code 2356598. And at T-Mobile, you don’t have to be an employee, current students receive 15% off. In order to active the discoutn, you just need to call (877) 453-1304 (or 611 from your handset) and speak with a customer service representative.

Not all discounts go into effect right away. I have to wait one more bill cycle and the next bill will reflect my savings. Also, some providers may require that you need to active a new line of service. But why wait? Call to find out and let us know if you’ve been able to save a few extra dollars a month.

Not an staff, student or faculty member? Other universities offer alumn a discount (rates vary) and a free cell phone, like Purdue University, so check to see if your former Alma Mater was gracious enough to include you in such benefits.

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