Smile Politely

Ask Politely #45

Unless you’ve spent the last week on a vision quest in the Australian Outback, you have no doubt heard that Blago was caught trying to sell President-elect Obama’s Senate seat.

In some ways, we could consider this a highly populist move. After all, never has a position of such power been so brazenly open to those with such simple qualifications (namely, a big wad of cash to throw at the governor).

Aside from cash, he was also looking for a board appointment for his wife, a post as Health and Human Services Secretary and the resignation of the Chicago Tribune editorial board (not directly related to the Senate seat, but I’m sure all things are possible with Blago).

So, aside from appreciation, which is all so cheap and meaningless these days, what would you be willing to part with in order to secure your own shot at a seat in the Senate?

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