Smile Politely

Ask Politely #38

One of the great travesties of living in a hyper-accelerated-shopping-crazed-live-beyond-your-means-on-credit society is the fact that the Christmas shopping season officially begins long before kids even choose their Halloween costumes.

As the economy continues to wax and wane, most retailers are preparing themselves for a far more naughty than nice season at the register this year. At Smile Politely, we naturally encourage folks to shop local as often as possible, and to try to spend money at places that will continue to provide the local economy with as much of a windfall as possible.

So, which digs have the best style? Are there places that can’t miss for your shopping lists? We know it’s early, but if everyone else is going to start in on the wreaths and trees now, we figure we may as well throw our stockings in too.

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